Luxury Weddings: A Largo Experience


Banquet halls are a common option for the betrothed, but the ordinary might not be what you seek. Sometimes, you want a little bit more creativity, essence, quality, and space. Banquet halls go by-the-hour, so time restraints come along with hosting your wedding in a hall. They have limited space. Often times, wedding parties need to secure another location to host their ceremony.¬†Fees get added on for security, bartending, set-up and strike, and price-per-person. Banquet halls can also stunt your creativity. They are stale rectangular rooms, that you (or your planner) need to decorate. These spaces get filled and emptied over and over. Don’t miss the intimacy and creativity you crave. If a banquet hall isn’t your cup of tea, consider a more liberating venue for your wedding.

Resort weddings have been challenging the banquet hall and destination wedding market altogether. An inclusive wedding destination will both inspire and soften your expectations.

Inclusive packages

The best part about having a resort wedding is the availability of the resort amenities! These are longer affairs than a few hours at the banquet hall. When you are all tuckered out, you can walk down to your private suite and sleep. There is space for both the ceremony and the reception, without the need to hop around town. Largo Resort will offer their trusted officiant to perform your nuptials. We have dedicated concierge services to help plan your wedding. We custom design a unique bouquet and offer an hour with our private photographer. Resort activities and utilities are also available for the newlyweds and their families. At Largo Sanctuary we sail, kayak, dive, and bask in the tropical atmosphere.

Unique Area

Wedding planning can be stressful, especially when trying to find the right location. Whether it is indoors, or outdoors, in a hall, or on the seaside, a resort is the chosen venue for modern weddings. We credit that to our naturally manicured ecosystem. We dedicate our energy to creating a sacred environment for our guests and wildlife. We also love to share the intimacy of the sanctuary with our guests. What better affair than one proclaiming eternal love? Share your vows on a private pier under a driftwood arbor. Or barefoot on the Gulf of Mexico at sunset. Mother Earth has decorated the venue for us, and all we have to do is relax and enjoy.


One of the qualities our guests have sought with joining us is the intimacy we offer. We welcome you and your family and friends to stay with us. We have plenty of space! Many resorts host weddings and also have traditional guests still on site. At Largo, you can have the entire sanctuary. The only other people on site would be your Largo liaisons. Keep your friends and family close by. We accommodate 34 registered overnight guests and 150 total guests for celebrations. The proximity to the earth and your loved ones will arouse the sacred intimacy you seek.