Discover The Amenities

Considered one of the more breathtaking destination wedding venues in the Florida Keys, Largo Resort presents you with a sanctuary on the water. Its solitary ambiance is enhanced by 200 feet of beach, imported and authentic art pieces from Bali, and a custom-built arbor made exclusively from indigenous driftwood. It is truly an Eden.
Woman smelling tropical flowers

Achieve peace and quiet, while maintaining a calm state of mind at our Largo Resort meditation garden. Located in a secluded area of the resort, this space allows you to find peace and make the most of the tranquil environment, all while still providing easy access to the resort’s other accommodations.

Take in the lush green surroundings during your stay so that you can relax after a long day of activities or prepare for fun with loved ones.

Corn hole bean bag game on the beach at Largo Resot

Whether you are visiting for a wedding, a quick family getaway, or a trip with friends, having some fun on the beach is an absolute must. As a guest of Largo Resort, you can take advantage of the resort’s private beach and have a blast with the provided beach games. Bring all your family and friends in on a cornhole tournament or have the kids show off their sandcastle skills. There is endless fun to be had.

Beach cruiser bikes outside the Grand Lodge at Largo Resort
Photo Credit: Alyssa Morgan Photography
Beach Cruiser

Our Beach Cruiser Bicycles offer guests a fun way to explore and experience all of Largo Resort. Whether you are trying to stay active during your retreat or want to tour different parts of the beach, the beach cruisers allow you to venture off at your own pace.

Enjoy a ride with a spouse, friend, or loved one or even use the bicycles as a cool prop for photos. There are so many fun opportunities to be had with the beach cruisers.

Largo resort pier and tiki hut with illuminated market lights

Complete your Florida Keys beach getaway with time underneath Largo Resort’s Tiki Hut. Unwind in our thoughtfully designed hut on top of the Largo Resort pier. There is ample space for drinks and relaxation with fellow guests. The Tiki hut provides cool shade, protecting you from the intense Florida sun while you enjoy a card game or take a break. For a memorable evening, head to the Tiki Hut to witness the stunning sunset over the ocean—an absolute must-do for a Florida Keys vacation.

Kayak on the beach at Largo Resort
Paddle Boards
& Kayaks

The fun extends beyond the sand with Largo Resort’s paddle boards and kayaks. Explore the ocean, enjoy a workout with kayaking, or get a unique ocean view standing on one of our paddle boards. Whether solo or with loved ones, make a splash in the water with games and shared adventures. At Largo Resort, we ensure your water adventures are not just recreational but memorable moments of joy and connection.

Groomsmen on a fishing boat

Feel free to cruise the Florida Keys by boat, if you so choose. Located on Tarpon Basin, we accommodate vessels under 30-feet. We’re just one basin from Adams Cut leading to the ocean side of the Keys, where the Everglades and fly fishing flats are minutes away.

Largo Resort pier at sunset

Not just unique, but one-of-a-kind. We’re one of few Key Largo luxury resorts with our own concrete pier. It’s a setting made for romantic evenings. Panoramic views and shaded seating under our palmed Tiki Hut to relax and enjoy the changing colors of the sun setting.

Aerial view of Largo resort pier

The secluded habitat for a variety of tropical fish, manatees, starfish, stingrays, angelfish, and more. Nestled just off the shores of our private beach, this is the perfect area to lose yourself in the clutches of nature during your Florida Keys getaway.

Largo Resort infinity pool

Surrounded by limestone, exotic palms, and plush seating, our infinity pool is equipped with jet messages for maximum comfort. LED lights blanket the entire pool area in 6 different colors, bright enough to change the hue of its surface.