Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

Something Old

We take pride in the age of this island, and all the gifts it has offered us. Including the 60-year-old tree that we built the Grand Lodge around. The interior boasts an appreciation for antiques and 21st-century designs. Each room in the lodge has a vintage mirror, and several other artifacts we have collected over time. Among them is our favorite Remington Typewriter! The mini-bar in the Lodge hosts an assemblage of historical notes we have collected in our lives. We take something old seriously because there is magic in its history. Incorporating “something old” to your wedding can be exciting and intimate. These little additions can be a family heirloom. This piece represents continuity and the passage of time.

Something New

Largo’s contemporary 21st-century interior design works well with its antique collection. Our new bedding is of equal caliber of the Four Seasons Resort. The vintage chandeliers are central lighting for the Lodge. But they receive support from sleek fluorescent tube-lights embedded into the walls. We have new HDTVs in all the bungalow suites and the Grand Lodge. We furnish our suites with brand new, modern furniture. Exposed wood adds a fresh young vibe while maintaining the aura of antiquity. “Something new” represents new beginnings and experiences for the happy couple. We love weddings at Largo because they are the start of a new life. Some ways to incorporate “something new” are by wearing new jewelry, or a new gift from your betrothed!


Something Borrowed

This tradition represents borrowing the luck or happiness of another bride. We believe that the marriage of your dreams and the happiness you deserve will come to you and it will stay! There is no need to borrow someone else’s happiness. There is plenty to go around, after all. Our guests are for life, and we only hope to include your fond memories of it as well. That is why we’d like to lend you the serenity of our space. We can close the whole resort for your wedding only.