Outdoor Weddings: The perfect location for the special occasion

Weddings are traditionally held inside churches with tall steeples, before an altar glazed by the colored light that pours through stained glass. These ceremonial traditions are popular for their tradition, and the holiness that is often sought inside the walls of worship. More couples are finding the romance and intrigue in marriage outside of the pious church doors. Mother Nature is our sacred ally, and she spans across the globe. We come in contact with physical manifestations of grace every day. The earth overlooks countless nuptials, the first kiss, and supports those who witness the marriage. Mother Earth can be the sacred minister–or a secular guardian–you seek for your wedding.  

Largo Sanctuary takes pride in its proximity to the intricacies of the Earth. Our sanctuary is located amid the lush wildlife and tropical climate of Key Largo. We have a reputation for hosting romantic weddings that many of our guests would call beautiful and serene. With the interest in outdoor weddings, Largo Resort quickly became a sought-after destination for our hospitality and amenities to the prized environment.  


The most important item to consider when planning an outdoor wedding is the location. First, wedding planners must determine what type of environment would be best for the wedding. Choosing the right location can entail a lot of research, but look no further. The Sanctuary is located on the scenic strip of the Florida Keys. It is nestled just beyond the bursting and vibrant city of Miami and perched in the tropical, and ocean-themed strip of the Florida Keys. The system of small islands has been known for its tropical climate and ocean attractions from boating to sea-turtle gazing. Key Largo is the diving capital of the world but is also home to a refined collection of nature trails and wildlife conservatories. Rest assured, that one of Largo Sanctuary’s missions is to act as a harbinger of safety for South Florida’s treasured wildlife, and hosts both people and animals in the private sanctuary.

Perfect backdrop

Wedding planning can be stressful when it comes to creating the perfect ambiance for the special occasion. The happy couple should not need to stress about placing the right fixtures to match the wedding colors! We always find that mother nature is the best artist when it comes to cultivating a beautiful and romantic space. Do you envision your wedding being decorated by the most prestigious florist? Our natural foliage can make your dreams come true. Largo resort has hosted several weddings and our guests get to choose from a selection of on-site spots to proclaim their vows.We even offer a custom built driftwood arbor for your ceremony.  There is a unique space for every couple, from the waterside lagoon to a canopy of tropical foliage–from sunrise to sunset.

Ocean Vibes

This private sanctuary offers newly-weds, and their happy guests, opportunities to experience mother nature one-on-one. Not only do we offer the perfect setting for your outdoor wedding, you and your visitors can physically engage in the glorious environment; after all, this is the diving capital of the world. Consider your personalized wedding soundtrack, as performed by the meditative comfort of the ocean’s waves and whispering tree boughs. Then take your celebrations to the ocean, you can even celebrate with passing dolphins or sea turtles on the Gulf of Mexico.

For better or for worse, in rain or in sunshine

We know that planning an outdoor wedding can be scary considering the weather. Luckily, Key Largo is blessed with the warm and sunny weather most of the year. If mother Earth does surprise us, we have on-location backup strategies in place. There should be no need to plan a backup wedding! The outdoor celebration of your dreams is possible.