A Honeymoon for Cultural Experiences


Key Largo is the longest island of Key West, and it part of what we call the Upper Keys. The tropical climate dictates our beach lifestyle and diving culture. There is something for the luxury travelers and the thrill seekers. The island even caters to those of us who enjoy a stroll under a canopy of foliage. The small beach-town lifestyle is laid back. We enjoy long sunsets, water sports and our proximity to nature. We live a life of leisure, where our work is play. Join us on the sanctuary, we are located between two popular South Florida destinations rich and vibrant in diversity and culture. Our concierge can arrange a tour with private transportation to either location. Whether or not day trips are appealing to you, the way of our private cove will surely offer you a retreat from the norm.

A Cultural Trip to Miami

Miami is rich in Latin American and Caribbean culture. Our excursions place you in the mecca of the city, whether you want to party in the art-deco architecture of South Beach or admire the arts. Miami is home to a diverse culture. You can sip on a cafecito from the local bodega before shopping Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent in the Design District. If luxury shopping is not your taste, you can support local artisans and shop among the eclectic treasures at the Miami Flea. The street art in Wynwood Arts District is a popular attraction, and its blocks away from Little Haiti. A few miles southwest, you can experience Calle Ocho in Little Havana. Our concierge will plan your dinner on Ocean Avenue so you can enjoy the nightlife of South Beach. There is a lot of culture in this wide city, and its only an hour north of Largo. 

A Cultural Trip Down to Duval St.

The Southernmost point of Key West is also a popular destination.  Duval Street is the home to countless parades, celebrations, and parties. You may wander into the Zombie Bike Fest or an Art Festival. There is always something happening down south. Key West is a mix of Islanders and North Americans that escaped a brick and mortar lifestyle. This diversity creates an inclusive society for artists, travelers, and divers alike. The people and the food are also laid back. We like to enjoy the little things in life. The Florida Keys are an inviting destination for new couples. With culture, adventure, and serenity all in one place. The best part of this all is that Largo Resort is the perfect retreat after an exciting and busy day trip to a bigger city.